Doug Funnie, Hip-Hop artist is described as “Indie-rocking funk and R&B with hopelessly erudite lyrics about pop culture, history, and science" when performing his music, known as Nerdcore. Nerdcore is a genre of hip-hop that concerns itself with, well, nerdy things. Video games, computers, comic books, animé and apparently (at least in Funnie’s case) professional wrestling. Doug's earlier works includes video game references works like "Metal Gear Solid" and "Wreck-it Ralph". Jason Phillips was born in Fort Ord, California of Panamanian and African American Descent. The military brat, now based in Dallas Texas, has been performing locally for 5+ years now.

Doug Funnie's newest release "Homecoming" is a larger-than-life yarn about Funnie running across the country to shake some cartoonishly sinister cops, The performers –– guest artists include Crunk Witch, Mike Lackey, Professor Shyguy, Richie Branson, and nerdcore giant MC Frontalot –– all wear outrageous guises, and things get silly, but it’s all in the service of a larger message, one that’s hidden, albeit only partially, behind a curtain.