With a background in music performance, soundtrack composition, and video game development, chjolo (aka Chris Logsdon) creates a wide variety of cult classic video game remixes and high-concept originals. His music combines the power of electronic music, the evocative soundscapes of game soundtracks, and the emotional energy of live-recorded instrumentation into an experience that keeps you on the edge of your seat!

As a member of the video game remix label GameChops, chjolo has produced remixes of Splatoon, Cave Story, Final Fantasy, and Smooth McGroove’s rendition of Xenogears! His tunes have been heard at conventions such as PAX East, MAGFest, and SGC/RTX!

Every week, chjolo hosts a live performance on streaming sites like Twitch and Beam; he has even developed his own viewer interaction interface to generate an all-new brand of audience participation!